Maine Story

Maine’s best lobster roll is now available to be shipped to your doorstep overnight in the form of a simple Do it yourself kit. However, we wanted to do more than just send you the lobster roll kit, we wanted to provide everyone across America the opportunity to have a REAL LOBSTER ROLL EXPERIENCE and the Maine Lobster Roll Picnic was born! The Maine Lobster Roll Picnic comes with all the Maine ingredients necessary to make lobster rolls in your own back yard BBQ, a holiday, a first date, or any occasion.

Our Ingredients

We believe in simplicity. Our lobster are caught, picked and delivered in the same day. Our rolls have no fillers and no fluff, this is the real deal, we will provide you with all of the ingredients to make the best lobster roll.

Our Promise To You

The Maine Lobster Rolls

The biggest problems for Americans who cannot travel to Maine is NOT being able to experience the most delicious sandwich in the Country – A Maine Lobster Roll, without having to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to the great state of Maine. We have solved that problem by introducing the Maine’s Best Lobster Roll Experience. We will send you fresh picked, never frozen Maine lobster claw meat, Maine split top buns and all the fixings in a Do It Yourself kit that will have you a beautiful Maine lobster roll in minutes. You can eat in your back yard or in your kitchen.

An easy to make meal versus cooking, cleaning and shelling live lobsters. However, we want you to practically smell the Atlantic Ocean and close your eyes and think you’re on a Maine picnic while enjoying your rolls. So we will be sending these kits in a beautiful wicker picnic basket complete with a gingham blanket – to give you a Maine lobster roll picnic experience – great for any occasion. Bring this experience to your family or loved ones, close your eyes and pretend you’re in Maine enjoying a lobster roll in your home state.


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